Wednesday, April 12, 2017

House Projects

What do you do when winter drags on through April?  We've been working on some refinishing, renovating projects around the house.  It started with designing a new entry way area in the livingroom and soon I was refinishing furniture and decorating my entire livingroom...

I normally would not have thought to paint this wood piece.  We've had it for many years and it was desperate for a makeover.  No knobs, a complete mess, scratches, and so on.  I decided to Chalk paint it and antique it with a dark antiquing wax.  It brought great balance to the room since I had just chalk painted the bench that hubby built for me.  We also matched the hardware on this to the hardware on the new shelf/hooks.
Currently I'm not 100% finished with the wall area.  I have a sign I'm making that needs to get hung right underneath the shelf.  Also, under the bench are some old wooden boxes that I LOVE, that I found at an antique shop!

The pallet with the cotton and purple flowers took me about an hour to make. It was easy peasy  (I already had the pallet wood from another project.  

Monday and Tuesday the weather was beautiful!  We got all of our porch furniture out of the shed and set up chairs, tables, etc.  I used some more old boxes and made a small shoe rack right next to the door.

Now that we've finished some house projects and spring seems to be showing up.... I'm planning the garden next!!

(As well as one more indoor renovation... it may take another month or so.  Pics soon!)

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