Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Date Weekend

This past weekend my sister in law had the older two girls for the night and my mother and father in law had the youngest three for the night.  When Brandon got home from work I had made marinated sirloin tips, loaded cheese fries and salad.  After dinner we went to Bangor.  It was a nice time of getting some things we needed at Lowe's, running into Burlington Coat Factory to use a giftcard I had, Hobby Lobby, and then for dessert at Sweet Frogs.

The next morning I made us Berry-Banana Crepes for breakfast and we headed for the coast.
Our first stop was Elmer's Barn Antique Mall.  I was looking for two specific things (old books and wooden boxes)...of which I found both.  We did pretty good, we were in there less than an hour!

Not sure if he LOVED the antique shopping as much as I did, but we stopped at a Trading Post after that was on the way... so he enjoyed that :) 

See the beautiful box? I got two for under my new bench that my talented hubby made for me.  I got some old books I was looking for, and I also got that cute little gem for flowers!  You can make out pretty good if you have an idea ahead of time what you want to find!

From there we went to Moody's Diner...we were ready for lunch at 10:45.  Hubby got this enormous burger. I got fried haddock.  I cannot be near the coast and not have seafood!

While we were at Moody's we were texting with our friends, the Petermans.  We invited them to join us at the Prison Showroom store and then to the Breakwater.
Pastor Peterman is the Pastor at Breakwater Baptist Church, so it's more like they took US to the Breakwater....

The view was beautiful!
The weather...was horrible.

The lighthouse is almost a mile out.  We walked a mile in the freezing cold and I wanted to hind behind the lighthouse where there was no wind when we got out there.

(There's me in the back...brrrr!!!!)

That's exactly what we did for a little while.  And then it was time for the dreaded, brutally cold walk back to shore!
We plan to go again in July ;) and no sooner!

It was a special weekend and we thank our family for taking such good care of our children so we could enjoy eachother and have some time for a date.


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