Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Around Here...

I have been busy and have not blogged much lately.  Our days have been filled mostly with school, day to day life, and some home renovation projects.  We're currently converting one of our bathrooms into a bathroom AND laundry room.  It's been a pretty big job.
Some of the cousins were over recently and they played baseball together for hours.  They all had some Red Sox gear, so the key thought that was pretty exciting.  Evan's ears though.... He cracks me up ♡

Daniel has challenged himself with a new type of Rubiks Cube.  This has 12 sides. Within just a day or so he had figured out 6 sides.  One day after lunch I said it was time to get back to school and he said, "can't I keep working on my Rubiks Cube???"  I told him we needed to finish school and he looked at me and said, "afterall, it IS algorithms"....
He got me on that One! :)
Bailey is making improvements in reading.  Children with dyslexia can struggle in different variances.  Bailey has an attitude of wanting to read older things that her sisters can read, and her determination has helped her not to struggle so much this year.  She makes improvements often!

There has been a lot of wildlife in the back field recently.  We keep binoculars right at the window now because we almost always see animals out there.
My beautiful girl hard a work.

I've got some more pictures to share and updates to make.  I hope to be able to get caught up  with blogging.  I get so busy and this takes a back seat.  But I wouldn't miss out on my kid's lives for anything.  I feel so blessed to be their mom 

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  1. I always enjoy a peek into your life. :) Sounds fun and busy too.