Friday, March 31, 2017

A Productive Week

This week in addition to everyday school we have begun getting things together and ideas on paper for a science fair that the kids will be involved in.  In May, Breakwater Baptist is having a science fair and the kids are really brainstorming about what they might like to present at the fair. 

We also got to the Library this week.  Brynn ended her last library book on Tuesday and had to painfully wait until Thursday to get to library for new reading books!  Thankfully, Wednesday evening at church Mrs.W brought in a book for Brynn to borrow, so she was quite happy about that!

I found a book at the library that I've been wanting to read for a while.  It just jumped out at me and I was so happy to see it there.  It's called, "Wheat Belly".  I know, sounds funny... but it's amazing and I recommend to anyone!

We finished learning about Pompeii on Monday, and Tuesday we started learning about the Boston Tea Party.  If you remember, Brynn specifically asked that we study something that's not so "devastating" next.  I put a few ideas out there to the kids and mostly everyone agreed that they wanted to learn more about the Boston Tea Party.  We really enjoy our History studies that we do together as a group.  The kids think it's fun because our history studying is very literature based and they always enjoy the read-alouds!

We are really craving SPRING weather here!  Tonight and tomorrow we are supposed to get another snow storm.  Tomorrow is April 1st and it feels like nice weather will never come.  We have many outdoor projects that need to get done, but the cooler weather is allowing us to finish up some indoor projects first... I cannot complain.

Tomorrow is our neice's birthday party and it will be nice to visit with family to close out another blessed week.  So thankful for the life God has given to me!! I'm blessed ♡

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