Sunday, March 26, 2017


Today was a very blessed day.  We started our day at the church at 9:30 doing a little bit of cleaning and putting up some new spring flower bouquets.  At 10:00 the men had prayer and the ladies chatted and prepared Sunday day school for the kids.  We had Sunday school, our morning service, and then fellowship lunch and an afternoon service at 3:00. 

We left the church around 4:15 to drive about 2 hours to New Vinyard, Maine to Gospel Light Baptist Church for their evening service.  Our friends, the Peterman's, also drove out there for the service.  Our kids sang a special together and it was sooooo good to see our friends that we used to go to church with in Unity.  I always love the view there in New Vinyard.  The mountains are absolutely stunning! 

After the service out in New Vinyard we all went over to Farmington to McDonald's so all the kids could have ice cream.  We got home about an hour ago (at 10:50 p.m.) ... what a FULL and busy day in service to the Lord.
Is there anything better?  It truly was a blessed day!

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