Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Herd of Deer

The deer have been coming around a lot lately.  Weeks ago we were very excited to see a few deer at a time.  The most that had come around at one time, I believe, was 8.  They're so beautiful to watch.  A huge distraction if you have anything at all to get done!
Three evenings ago we saw SO many deer out back. It was more than 8...  we ended up counting 21 deer out there eating.  The hard part is I can't seem to get the entire field in one picture. I'd have to back up so much that you.wouldnt be able to see the deer very well.
The very next evening there were 35 deer running, playing and eating right behind our house.  It was amazing seeing that many deer all at once, all together.  The yard was just littered with them and although the all seem to look alike, they are all a little different!
The other day there were so many young ones.  Not spotted, but yearlings that were noticeably smaller than the rest of them.  They're especially adorable to watch.

Yesterday was a huge blizzard. Yep, in the middle of March.... just 6 days away from "Spring"... so I don't expect to see many deer until this snow disappears.  I believe we've gotten a good 20" here.  When it gets light out I'll have a better idea.  Hope the deer are finding plenty to eat :)

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  1. That is awesome. My boys especially would be thrilled to see deer like that. :)